• Make Zumba Matter


    Zumba is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for the residents of NYC to keep in shape. This aerobic exercise combines Latin music and dance moves to create a fun routine. It also incorporates international and Latin music to help participants to keep the correct pace. When people participate in Zumba, they are required to conduct slow and fast movements in accordance with the music. Here’s a look at some of the reasons which contributes to Zumba’s incredible popularity in New York City

    Traditional cardiovascular exercise becomes boring for most people. It loses its luster after only a few short exercises. Zumba keeps things interesting, while teaching people how to dance. It is fun and exciting to do; many native New Yorkers plan their entire days around their Zumba instruction times! During this exercise everyone is required to do resistance training as well. This type of training can be performed using rubber bands, or it can be performed with a partner. There is little doubt that this type of workout has extreme benefits.

    Your heart is the most important organ inside your body. When the heart fails to function normally, then all other organs fail as a result. Doctors recommend that you should achieve at least 150 minutes a week of aerobic activity. Unfortunately, for many of us, work and family obligations tend to get in the way of such goals. The good news is that busy NYC residents can conduct Zumba sessions from the comfort of their own homes. Instructional DVD’s allow you to follow the lead of a trained professional. They walk you through the necessary stretching steps, and entry level Zumba dances as well. After you practice at home for a while, you can show off your new moves to your friends when you attend a class.

    While Zumba is a fun way to stay in great shape, it is important to make sure that you exercise with the right form. Dancing is highly entertaining, but experts caution against getting carried away to the point that you are not receiving the intended exercise. Latin dancing, the staple of Zumba, allows you to do much more than achieve cardiovascular health. It also enables you to tone areas of your body.

    Many people have found that diet and exercise do not remove cellulite from the backs of thighs or arms. However, those who participate in Zumba classes find that their bodies respond by tightening these areas up. Rather than focusing on one specific area of the body at a time, Zumba allows you to achieve a full-body workout. What this does is it eliminates the need for pricey gym equipment. Interestingly, more elderly people are turning to this method of exercise as well, because it allows them to stay in shape without hurting their knees or hips. People who have arthritis often suffer after walking or running on pavement, and Zumba can eliminate this problem for them.

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  • Best Chicago Activities


    Chicago is one of the busiest cities in the world, in addition to being one of the most interesting. If you have ever visited Chicago, or you’ve talked to someone else who has, chances are good that someone made suggestions as to where you should go within the city. Some common activities include, seeing Millennium Park, visiting museum Campus or taking a walk down Michigan Avenue. While conducting these activities can be fun, they are not necessarily categorized as the best options for you to choose. Here are some alternative activities that you should consider during your next trip to Chicago.

    Depending on the time of year you visit, you absolutely must go to a Chicago Bears or Chicago Cubs game. The Chicago Bears are a member of the National Football League. Their games begin in August, and, depending upon their success or failure, continue through January into the playoffs. Similarly, the Cubs start their Major League Baseball season in early spring. Baseball has a long season which runs deep into the fall and winter months, so going to a Cubs game might be a more viable option. Ticket prices range from $8.00-$200.00 for baseball tickets, and about $40.00-$350.00 or more for football tickets. Although this activity can be pricey, these fervent fan bases will have you jumping out of your seat with excitement.

    Music enthusiasts have a plethora of options when it comes to Chicago’s live band scene. However, if you love old vinyl records and quality bands, then pay a visit to Reggie’s Rock Club and Record Breakers. This place is an awesome, 16,000 square-foot area of music bliss. It contains a reading room where you can read old issues of authentic Guitar Player Magazine, while having a beer. Make sure you bring money with you, because you’ll definitely find that one-of-a-kind vintage record there.

    If you enjoy history, then you absolutely must visit the Robert J. Quinn Fire Academy. This academy contains a plaque which signifies the exact location of where the infamous fire of 1871 began. When you visit you will see cadets training for real-life fire emergencies. Large cities like Chicago must have fire departments that are capable of handling fires quickly, before they spread to other buildings in congested areas. Visiting this facility will provide you with new insight into what it means to lay down your life for others.

    The city of Chicago has plenty of other opportunities for you to explore the rich heritage of people in the area. One of the reasons why many people love to visit the city is because it has some of the best food in the world. Try a tailgate-inspired brat, and you’ll never eat a normal hot dog again. If you’re someone who likes to operate off of an itinerary, then there are some excellent tour guide companies within the city as well.

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